Welcome to a different honest and sober page about what is known of the orgasm what is known as squirting

Man, learn how to pamper your woman to at a higher level and get inspiration for your sex life. Woman, learn to give yourself the coveted G-spot orgasm.

Here you can register for courses such as:

Single man

Single woman

Womens night

Mens night

Couple groups events

Bachelor party

All courses are offered with or without a patner/model.

You will be instructed, among other things, in female anatomy and physiology, as well as the skills and techniques needed to enjoy the squirting orgasm comfortably and safely.

What value is there for you by signing up for this course? What can he teach me?

1. Factual knowledge of the woman's anatomical and physiological functions.
2. Where does the fluid come from and what meanings it can have.
3. How to Tricker the G-spot in 11 Different Ways.
4. Instructional tips & tricks to achieve the ultimate orgasm.
5. What 'tools' you can use with advantage and how. Including how to 'do it yourself'

In the courses we will discuss the following topics



G spot


The liquid

Side effects

You will have practical exercises and thorough guidance, as well as plenty of time for questions and anecdotes along the way.

I have many years of experience on this subject and teach with empathy, good spirit and deep respect.
I take pride in guiding you on this path to amazing experiences.

My name is Mikael and my day job is as a healthcare professional in a private hospital in Denmark.

My interest in this subject started in 2004, when I registered on this portal and the ‘Squirt Course’, with the former manager Bjarne. He has taught a little over 3000 people since 1994.

The course and the techniques are largely based on Bjarne’s knowledge and experience over many years and as mentioned I learned from him over the years and now carry on his life’s work
His work can be seen from the following;

It was with great pleasure Bjarne in 2019 handed over his life’s work to me.

Since then, I have held several courses with great success, where people have been given knowledge and left with a smile on their face and a “thank you for the help” on their lips.



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